Sesamstraatjes - OCCii Supportiing Artiists Duriing the Coviid​-​19 Pandemiic

by Gayetty's Medicated Paper

Prrr... Boem 04:01
Occiilatiion 01:11
Meneer Aart 04:02


It was on the night that Mudskipper played with Dikeman/Škorić as the opener, when all these other impro musicians came walking in just after the show only to party. The shows were fantastic, DJ Andy Ex was on fire, everyone danced and was in a great mood... it was one of those nights. Of course after a while everything became slightly crazy and when all of them disappeared to the guestroom Sjoerd and Luka were left alone, as happens every now and then. It must have been around 4 am, that they started rebuilding the stage. Luka had his guitar and some percussion with him as a coincidence, and they both had their voices, beers and twisted minds. Sjoerd found a drumstick in a corner of the stage. There was an amp. There was no plan.

So here is one of those weird, unpolished marbles you may find at the bottom of your toy crate, the ones that look like a rock and of which you have no idea what they are or where they came from. They don’t even roll. But still, you keep them in a special place, if only just a special place in your heart.

And this album is one from the heart, so enjoy! It’s got everything you have ever wanted in music: percussion that sounds like shattering diamonds, guitars that sound like broken motor bikes, a little bit of shouting and of course the beautiful acoustics of the room. And it also turned out to be Sjoerd’s first time making music! The original 30-minute recording has been sliced into a couple of pieces which have been reordered and mixed beautifully by Charis Konstantinou to fit the degeneration of clarity that occurs during after hour sessions in OCCII.

OCCII is unfortunately one of the many venues that received a huge impact from the COVID-19 crisis. A growing number of events are getting cancelled, among which a lot of touring bands. By means of support, all the money made from this album will be donated to OCCII, and on Friday 20th of March I especially urge you to help because Bandcamp is waiving their revenue share to get the money directly to the artists!

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released March 20, 2020

Recorded 02/02/2020
Luka Schuurman - Guitar, Effects, Voice
Sjoerd “Occii Stu” - Shaker, Windchimes, Hitting things with a Drumstick, Voice

Charis Konstantinou - Mixing, Magic & Mastering
Cover Design by Luka Schuurman,
Original Riso Poster by Rogier Smal

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Charis Konstantinou >>


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OCCii Amsterdam, Netherlands

OCCII; cultural community centre with an underground, independent, free DNA. Make things happen, DIY, come OCCII with us!

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